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In March- we ran 4 evenings of relief-printing, looking at a wide range of printing styles and techniques – from carved rubber stamps and lino prints, to built collaged foam + found objects. The course was originally aimed as an introduction to relief printing – but even the experienced printers left having learnt something new! As always, there was a party for the last session, with biscuits and music and lots of printing.

Next up will be our screen printing workshop with hand cuts hand and Tara Hill! If you would like to book a place, contact us here

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 It is no excuse – but we have been so busy we forgot about to upload anything for a whole year. We have been suffering from selective amnesia – but have just started to remember the stash of old photos we have been keeping in boxes. This lot was from Hatch:Mass, and our festive card printing. Using our hand made stamps, visitors could print a card, and we would post it that very night.