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Two workshops at Lakeside Arts Centre, making salt dough houses – inspired by the And Now Its Dark exhibition of American Photography in the Djanogly Gallery


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Printing workshop with hand cuts hand at the Bohunk Institute, Nottingham

We cut stamps into designs, inspired by Mummers Costumes from the 1800’s, and printed white linen capes for the event at Nottingham Contemporary on October 31st.

The workshop took place amongst the Monsters&Mischief exhibition – curated by fourbeatwalk and hand cuts hand.

The capes now have a new home with a Mummers Group in Nottinghamshire, and one of the workshop participants printed a mummers costume of their own for Halloween.


As part of the exhibition of folkloric artworks, we have organised a selection of talks and workshops at Bohunk Institute with a range of artists and members of Nottingham folk scene:

Thursday October 23
The exhibition opens on Thursday October 23 with a Private View at Bohunk Institute. It is free and open to all and features live music, performances and an introductory talk by Dr Peter Millington – there is no need to book and information can be found here

Friday October 24
Ross Parish, author of A Nottinghamshire Calendar will be giving a free talk about the folklore and customs of Hallwe’en and the harvest end at the Bohunk Institute on Friday 24th October at 6.15pm – there is no need to book and information can be found here

Saturday October 25
Join the Nu-Urban Gardeners at Bohunk Institute from 11am for this introduction to the NUG approach to folkloric practice. Each participant will be equipped with all they need in order to a) drive away evil spirits and b) participate in the event at Nottingham Contemporary on October 31st – this workshop is free and more information and details of how to book can be found here

A free relief printing workshop with hand cuts hand & fourbeatwalk from 2pm. Using traditional designs from mummers players’ outfits as inspiration; the group will make stamps and hand print a hobby horse installation, as well as a garment that they bring along – this workshop is free and more information and details of how to book can be found here

Sunday October 26
Frank Earp is an author and historian who was born in what he claims to be an old haunted farm house in Wollaton, Nottingham. This inspired him to take up his life long passion for Nottinghamshire’s folklore and history. We are delighted that he will be attending the Monsters & Mischief exhibition to present a talk about the origins of Hallowe’en from 2pm – there is no need to book and information can be found here

Steve Plowright is a well established member of the Nottingham folk scene, and a maker of fabulously intricate corn dolls. This workshop runs from 3pm and offers a chance to learn the history of Corn Dolls, and to make a corn dolly to take home – this workshop is free and more information and details of how to book can be found here

Friday October 31
And, of course, the event at Nottingham Contemporary on Friday October 31 is free and there is no need to book! It will open at 7.30pm and features live music, dance, film and performances!

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I spent the day with People Express in Derbyshire, making books with Shout! – a support group for families with children and young people with disabilities.
It was a lovely sunny day and a lot of great books got made: one was about Killer Whales, and one was about stars, and one was a story about a girl who stole a plane and ended up flying to space. Everyone got given instructions on how to make new books at home and how to make copies to give to their friends!

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In March- we ran 4 evenings of relief-printing, looking at a wide range of printing styles and techniques – from carved rubber stamps and lino prints, to built collaged foam + found objects. The course was originally aimed as an introduction to relief printing – but even the experienced printers left having learnt something new! As always, there was a party for the last session, with biscuits and music and lots of printing.

Next up will be our screen printing workshop with hand cuts hand and Tara Hill! If you would like to book a place, contact us here