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LeftLion have chosen the book making workshop as their pick of the month!

It isn’t going to be at The Malt Cross, as they have closed for refurbishments, so we will be trying out a new space in Sherwood.

The workshop will be starting on June 16, and will be looking at different construction techniques and book making styles.

This is a more exclusive (smaller) workshop space, so booking is essential! Contact us here to book your place!

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I spent the day with People Express in Derbyshire, making books with Shout! – a support group for families with children and young people with disabilities.
It was a lovely sunny day and a lot of great books got made: one was about Killer Whales, and one was about stars, and one was a story about a girl who stole a plane and ended up flying to space. Everyone got given instructions on how to make new books at home and how to make copies to give to their friends!

On Saturday 23rd June The Nottingham Waterfront Festival brings a whole host of bands and fundraising to the Canalhouse: its a day long festival for the bargain price of £5

When you are head down; make sure you get yourself a raffle ticket or two – there is a chance of winning one of our TYPES OF PIPES zines (a Print Fair best seller) and a hand screen printed t-shirt, amongst the array of awesome stuff donated by Nottingham folk. 

This year they are raising money for Nottingham Hospitals Charity  and SCOPE Nottingham – so get yourself on down there and fingers crossed for some sun.